Who we are

Rexoit is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh. Rexoit was established in 2017 to steer customers through the next generation of business innovation powered by technology with state-of-the-art software development and IT services. We provide a wide variety of Software Development & information technology services, including ERP system development, CRM system development, SCADA system development, Cloud development, IoT software development, Mobile app development (IOS & Android), Web Development, Cyber Security, Server development & Management, Artificial Intelligent, Data analysis, Digital marketing, and many more. For companies operating in the digital information era, we help leverage new technologies to competitive advantage. We deliver high-value innovated solutions by bridging the gap between business and technology. Rexoit started its journey 06 years ago to improve digital technology, distribution, and product development for corporate businesses. Our team members are masters in these fields and have consistently delivered high-level results to satisfied customers over the past years. Innovation, advanced technology, information security, creativity, and sophisticated strategy, you have all in one place at Rexoit.

HB Arif

Founder & CEO

Major Ahmed Syrus, psc (Rtd)

Corporate & Public Affairs

Md. Abdullah Al Faisal


A.M. Shahnawaz Ahad


Rahim Mia

Senior Mobile Application Developer (Android)

H M Sabbir

Senior Mobile Application Developer (iOS)

MD Mohibur Rahman Moni

Data Scientist

Koushikh Ahammed

Frontend Developer

Tarikul Islam

Network Engineer

Mashhur Anwar Shanto

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Sazid Emu

3D animator

MD Shahid Afridi

Content Writer

NI Ashik

Social Media Marketer

Taniya Sultana

Marketing Manger

Know About Us

We are ready to help you grow your business with more than 5 years of real-life experience in the software & It industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a reliable company in the Software & IT industry in the world. We want to become the key partner to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people secure valuable data, use advanced technology in the digital era, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.

Our Process

We listen to our clients closely, try to understand their needs in the best possible way. Analyzing, summering the case study. We add additional value based on the client's demand by innovative ideas, creative work, and advanced strategy. Security, scalability, and efficiency are our core components. We do not compromise with the product and service quality.

Our Achievement

The achievement comes through the vision and mission to reach the goal to create a great success story. We are working according to our target to achieve success. We know the value of client satisfaction, and it's our most priority. We are working with the best possible strategies concerning the significant changes in the Software & IT industry. We have done so many successful projects in the past. We strongly focused on the quality when workings for an effective result and that enhances our client family with sincerity and insight to produce efficient outcomes.

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