What Language is Used for iOS App Development,

iOS platform is one of the most popular and well-known platforms in the mobile app development industry. iOS app development is necessary for Apple device users. The iOS apps run into the Apple operating system, which comes with a convenient range of app development as per the requirements and specifications. The operating system of the Apple platform has become more popular due to its security systems and excellent working features. Also, Apple has been popularly restrictive while approving apps regarding their stringent privacy policies, where all apps need to be top-notch before they take place to the Apple App Store. But the interesting part is still the developers prefer to develop iOS apps because of the OS popularity and higher earning potential. Apple releases its data every year, and earlier this year, it illustrates that more than 27% of users are connected to the internet via Apple devices. Also, as per Apple’s data, more than 2.2 million iOS apps are available on the Appstore. The designing and developing process of an iOS app requires a convenient range of coding and well-rounded, supportive programming languages. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best programming language for iOS app development.

As per the coding strategies, the programming languages are also essential to do the development of an iOS app. Also, not all programming languages are created equal according to their specifications and working activities. You will also find the difference in languages while programming your iOS app, where you can get are determined in extensive part by the framework you choose to use. In this guide, we are going to explore what programming language options are the best for coding iOS apps. Let’s look down below to find out what language is used for iOS app development with the best strategy. 

The Preferable Languages to Develop iOS Apps

iOS is one of the largest mobile app development platforms in the app industry. The iOS platform is well-known because of its working features and specifications for developing convenient mobile apps. However, this platform also offers valuable tools for performing daily computing tasks. Because the convenient working activities of the iOS command a unique niche of users, it makes a lucrative platform for developers. The popular programming languages for iOS app development are Swift and Objective-C, where both of these can be used to create apps for all Apple products. Additionally, there are several programming languages available for developing iOS apps. But Swift and Objective-C have different syntaxes for developing apps, whereas the APIs are also different for these two platforms.

What Languages are iOS Apps Written?

Several programming languages are available for building iOS apps. For starting or creating iOS apps, it is better to gather some ideas from the well-versed Apple ecosystem regarding its development tools and guidelines. Apple is selective and restricts apps due to its robust privacy and policies. It is also necessary to know whether your time will be worth it or not and whether you will publish the app or not into the Apple App Store. After analyzing all these, you can move to the next phase, which is programming languages. Not all the languages are the same for developing iOS apps, where you can start by knowing the languages that are used to write iOS apps. We, “REXO IT,” can assist you by providing the best guidelines to get started.

Types of Programming Languages

Different types of programming languages are available for building iOS apps. The languages for programming help with coding conveniently. However, several programming languages are available for developing and writing code for your iOS apps. Here, we are going to describe some of the best programming languages for iOS app development.

The programming languages for iOS Apps Development are;

  • Swift

  • Objective-C

  • Flutter

  • C#

  • HTML5

These are the popular programming languages for developing iOS applications. All of them have different syntaxes as the development process while writing codes.


The programming languages enhance the iOS app development process conveniently. Swit is one of the most preferred languages to shape the future of iOS app development. It was released in 2014 announced by Apple at the Apple WWDC event. According to the professionals, Swift was ranked as the 11th most popular language on the internet today. The programming language appears with general-purpose programming, where the developers used it to develop superior-quality native apps specifically for iOS. This language appears with a convenient design to work comfortably with frameworks like Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. It also has the best scalability interoperability, especially with the Objective-C programming language. Also, it is an open-source language for programming, which provides the fastest iOS app development. Swift is also preferable to get the best data security in development, and that also includes the automatic memory arc. But this coding language for iOS apps development is acceptable for a limited user base.

Swift programming language is preferable to use in the scale and quick app development process.  Additionally, you can use this for iPhone app programming language, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac.


Objective-C is another excellent programming language for developing iOS applications. It is a predecessor of Swift, and that is also acceptable for coding iOS apps. However, the objective-c language was built as an extension of the object-oriented programming language C, which contains similar properties. This language was developed in 1984 by Brad Cox and Tom Love. This language is now a general-purpose programming language, which is still compatible with Mac OS and iOS. Also, it was the primary iOS coding language to develop apps before Swift came around. There are several characteristics included in this programming language. It comes with an expressive message syntax with dynamic run-time. You can also get access to Apple technologies with this programming language, including its automatic garbage collection feature. The Objective-C and Swift programming languages are comparable in terms of readability and coding, which also includes execution time, code maintenance, and many more. Additionally, this coding language was developed in the early 1980s, and that makes it a bit outdated as an iOS app development language in 2022. 

Additionally, it also has several security issues with limited functionality and a lack of updates, which weighs down its popularity. This programming language has seniority, and it is frequently seen as a stable and mature language to develop iOS apps. It is preferable to use this objective-c language while developing or updating apps for the older iOS versions that Swift does not support.


Flutter is an excellent programming language for developing iOS apps. It is a popular coding language for iOS apps because of its convenient working features. However, the flutter was developed by Google in 2015, but it was officially released in 2017. This language for programming is a highly versatile open-source development kit. You can use this coding language to build apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Google Fuchsia. The best part of this programming language allows software engineers to build aesthetically attractive and intuitive cross-platform apps comfortably. That is the reason Flutter is considered by both android and iOS developers. Additionally, this programming language is highly cost and time-efficient, which comes with full customization capability. Regarding the widgets of this Flutter coding language is available as an open-source language and also offers a limited and young talent pool. The Flutter coding language is the best option to use the most popular cross-platform app development language to create iOS apps. You can also use this programming language to make the Android, desktop, and Web app versions. Flutter language is acceptable to use, and it can save a lot of time. Also, by using this iOS app programming language, you can build app versions for all compatible OS’ and platforms with a single codebase.


C# is a high-level programming language to use for building iOS apps. It is also an open-source coding language, which makes iOS App Development much easier for intermediate to advanced level developers. This language also comes with a vast talent pool, which supports cross-platform app development by offering a rich library. It also provides better cost-benefit and integration compared with other programming languages. But this platform is preferable for advanced software engineers to use, and it becomes difficult for beginners to learn. This programming language is preferable to use when your development team has a wide range of experience of developing with C# coding language, where you wish to build Android, Windows, and Web API versions of the iOS app. The coding languages are created as Microsoft’s response to Java language and C# to do a higher level of coding with object-oriented programming language. Lastly, the C# is an excellent coding language to use for iOS apps, where it also allows you to develop other versions of iOS apps, Android, Windows, and Web API versions.


Most iOS app developers use the HTML5 programming language to develop apps. It is also a preferable coding language to develop iOS applications. While developing apps, software engineers use this language with the combination of JavaScript and CSS. According to the analysis of several software professionals, HTML5 is used by almost 88.5% of all websites. However, this language provides excellent service while coding iOS apps. You will also get the best service using this coding language. But it is not preferable to native apps and hybrid apps, but still, you can get the optimum browser control and use the combination of HTML and CSS for rendering pages. The best part of this coding language is the multi-platform support. You also get excellent cost-effectiveness and consistency across several browsers. You can also enjoy the offline browsing feature with this, which enables a good page ranking. A significant part of this coding language only works for hybrid app development. Also, due to its limited functionality, that can create problems with design responsiveness. If you are developing a simple iOS app, then it is preferable to use HTML5 for iOS app development. Additionally, building high-quality iOS apps with full-functionality is not the right programming language to select. For creating or building superficial iOS apps, this language is preferable to use.

Final Note

All of these programming languages are excellent to use as per their specifications and working process. You can select the best coding language as per your project requirement or all the beneficial sides before choosing the best one for developing iOS apps. But the professional and experienced iOS app developers suggest Swift for programming the iOS applications. Several programming languages ranked higher than the swift because of their wide range of advantages. But the development process of an iOS app depends on your requirements and priorities. For developing quick hybrid iOS apps, you can use HTML5 language, and if you want to add multiple platforms, you can use Microsoft, which can the C# coding language. All of the programming languages are outstanding to use that we describe above. We hope you find this article well and get all the necessary information regarding the programming languages for iOS app development. Additionally, if you want any help regarding iOS app development services, you can contact us to get the best development services for your iPhone apps. We, “REXO IT,” will be pleased to guide you in your project by applying our best techniques and strategies in the development process of iOS apps.

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