How to Become a Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps are growing day by day. It is seen in research that the mobile app industry is increasing to $188 billion in 2021. Business owners are looking forward to this industry as it is profitable and people are looking forward to becoming mobile app developers. It is one of the highly demanded careers for the young generation. In a way, everyone wants to be in the mobile apps development industry. If you are thinking about this profession in this article we will provide you with every detail about this career that will help you to decide about this field to take as a career choice.


Essential Technical Skill

A mobile app developer needs to have technical skills. There are many technical key skills to becoming a mobile developer. These skills include programming language, development tools, and other programming concepts.


Technical Skill for iOS Developer


  • Swift: It is the main programming language for iOS apps development. Swift is a modern programming language that is easy to learn. IOS developers should be masters in this programming language.

  • Ulkit: is a Framework that helps developers to design user interfaces. It includes features, animation, and touch control to the app. 

  • Xcode: It is an app developed by Apple to make it easier to write applications for any Apple device. Should be able to navigate through this to understand the feature.


Technical Skill For Android Developer


  • Building User Interface- A good Android app developer should be able to convert a design into an Android app using Java. By conventional view container. 

  • Data Storage and Notification- you have to know how to store data, update and delete information from Android mobile apps. You also have to implement push notifications to reach the user.

  • Material Design Guidance- Many Android apps use a design framework. As a developer, you have to know how it works in designing and developing apps. You should have a full idea about the material design guideline to implement an Android mobile app.

How to Become a Mobile App Developer Step by Step?

To become a mobile app developer you must focus on some steps that will help you to know more about mobile app development and how to become a mobile app developer. In this article,e you will get this step by step guide:


Step 1: Background Skill

To become a mobile app developer, you must require software development skills. You can develop this skill by getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science. You can also master mobile apps by attending coding Bootcamp programs or getting training from developers. Sometimes it is like someone is a web developer and wants to learn the mobile app development process, in that case, you can use many platforms that will help you transit mobile apps like app Appcelerator Titanium. If you have a basic idea of how an object-oriented program works it will be easy for you to learn to develop mobile apps. And if you are a beginner, you can find many courses online and develop skills. To become a mobile app developer you must need


  • Understand the principle of software design

  • Development methodology and environment

  • Knowledge of at least two programming languages or more.


Step 2: Choose one Major Platform

The first step of a developer is to choose a platform as there are many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. Android and IOS are the most popular ones in the industry. Android has the largest global market and IOS has a similar market share but the difference is both use different programming languages. Android coding is done in Java and iOS app development is done in Swift. You need to consider which one you want to specialize in. If you have experience in Java then Android is the best choice for you and if Swift, iOS is for you. You can be a master in both platforms but it is better to focus on one platform and gradually include other app development platforms.


Step 3- Mastering the Coding Skills

When you have background skills and choose your platform the next thing you need to become a mobile app developer is to master the coding skill. It will help you to master one platform perfectly. 


For iOS, If you want to be a master in the iOS platform you need to learn Swift objective C. To become a mobile app developer your wise choice will be to learn objective C first. It will help you to maintain and fix the code. IOS developer library as well so you need to learn to code perfectly. You can take help from any tutorial and videos which will help you to break down the complexity. 


For Android, To develop android apps on the Android platform you need to master Java or Kotin. If you don't have any idea about this one you can get an idea from the Google Android developer library. This is also well documented. You need to be aware of the fact that Android has huge popularity. So it can be quite complicated for beginners, so you need to have potential.


Step 4- Develop your Soft Skill

Every successful developer needs to have some soft skills like problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork. Coding jobs may require problem-solving thinking as many problems may occur during mobile apps development. Show a mobile app developer that should be capable of fixing the problem in existing code. Need to know how to make changes that will help to fulfill the requirement of the customer. Every detail matters in coding as it will affect the output of a program. And most importantly as you are a mobile app developer you need to work in a team. You have to be responsive and have to collaborate with other team members.


How to Learn Mobile App Development?

To become a successful mobile app developer, as we said before you can take a degree in computer science and learn about mobile app development. You can use online development programs like Apple offers an iOS Dev center, Hare you can view many tutorials and videos to learn iOS app development to code. Android helps similar sites to learn Android coding. Many websites offer free classes and tutorials. You can find pay classes to learn from the next level. You can also take classes while getting a degree in marketing. It will help you to develop marketing skills if you want to go on your app marketing so that people can know you as a developer.



Mobile apps have become a good media business and mobile app developers have an optimistic career. People are thinking about this career and taking preparation from the study level. Day by day it is becoming a promising career with high demand so if you are thinking about this hopefully this article will help you to decide the best. To create the best mobile app development company you just need to focus on your skill and knowledge and development degrees are the best way of such technical skills. You can get different parts of learning that will help you to know and decide the best for the beginning that brings success.

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