How To Write App Descriptions

App stands for Application. The app is something that is used for different purposes. Several types of mobile apps are available in the market today but the Android apps and iOS apps are the most popular. An App description is an explanation about the optimization of definition. It tells people how the app works and how people will benefit from this. App description attracts people to the product and helps to get it. In the app description article, these topics will be discussed. And they are:

What is an App?

App stands for application. It is a software application for mobile design. It is designed to run on mobile devices. It is used to describe the program mobile. It is accessed through the internet.

Types of Apps

There are three types of apps. Such as:

Native Apps

A native app is a specific mobile operating system. This system is built for IOS, Android, Windows phones. Native apps have huge advantages. Its high performance is the main advantage that can give assurance to the user.


Hybrid on Java

Hybrid apps are built to be multi-platform. Its advantage is easy to develop but it has a lack of performance. It is for React Native, Ionic, Angular mobile sense touch, etc.


Web App

Web apps are similar to native apps. It uses browsers to run. It must require minimum device memory. It is a version of a website to work on mobile devices.


What is App Description?

The app description is an explanation of the app to optimize product definition. It explains to the customer about the app they will use. There are three elements in the app description. Like- Name, Description, and Screenshot. The name shows what product it is, the description in the marketplace shows the details of the app, and the screenshot helps to know what the app does.


Why App Description is Important?

App description helps customers to find the benefit and use of the mobile app. It shows every detail about the app and also the uses of the app. It is important for ASO as it influences the app ranking. An app description is the key point of the app. It creates interest in people to get the app and increases the number of customers. The First 1-3 sentences are the core point of the description; it gives the most important information and greets the customers. So app explanation is very important.

How Many Types of App Descriptions?

There are different types of app descriptions. Such as:

● App description for website

● App description for app platform

Play store

App store

Amazon app store

Samsung app store

Windows store


Among these Google play stores and Apple app stores, descriptions are the most important. It is most useful in general life. It has different importance as it makes life easier.

Keep in Mind When Write App Description

When writing app descriptions some matters must be kept in mind. It will help to make great app explanations. They are given below:

Don't make the description too long:

Feature description should be minimum size, too long description will bore the customers. They only want to know the main features of the app which will help them to know about the app.

An important feature will be in first:

The first two most important features will be at the beginning that will attract the customer to the app to know more. It will be interesting. And lastly, the third important creature will be the last.

Nobody Reads here:

People usually don't give that much attention here. So only important details should be given in the app description.

The feature will start with a new word:

Every feature will start a new word like a verb so that customers will directly go to action. The same words will bring boredness in the description.

Last important function:

Lastly, the third feature will bring the most valuable action. It will make the people get the app. so it is the most important in-app description.

Most Important Thing for App Description

Some important subjects must be minded for app description. Such as:

What does the App Do?

It must concern the user what the function of the app is. How the app can help them. They surely want to know the quality and what the app can do. It will help them to use the app. So all the details about the app have to be in-app description.

What Problem Can the App Solve?

Users want an app when they need to solve their problems. They must have to know if the app can solve their problem. In-app description, it should be clear that the app is the best solution for them.

What Unique Quality makes it Different?

It must ensure the user that it is the best app they can have. The benefits of the app and features of the app should have an app explanation.

Why People would download the App?

App description should encourage the user to download the app through information. Users must be convinced to believe they should solve their problems. It will make it better from other apps also.

What Should App Description Include?

An app description includes the Name of the app, a description, and a screenshot.

App Name:

It starts with the name of the app which will help the customer to know which app is this and to search in google play. That's why apps need a perfect name. App title should be different and must have the keyword in the title. The title usually should be in one hundred characters. App names will help people to find the app.

App Description:

The app description is the core point. All details about the app are in the app explanation. Some matters have to be kept in mind, the first 1-3 sentences of the app should contain the core points of the app. It will highlight the main points of the app. But these sentences must be in 225 characters. Then the body which holds 2-3 paragraphs can include which will discuss the details of the app. The main function of the body also can be concise. At last, what's new in the app can be informed to the customers. It will make them more interested in them.


Screenshots are very important, it helps the user to know what the app does. It gives clear details about how the app works and how helpful it is helpful.


How to Write an Android App Description for Google Play Store?

● What is an Android App?

● What is Google Play Store?

● Why Important Play Store Optimization?

● Play Store Ranking Factors

● What include Android App Description

What is an Android App?

Android app is software that is used in android mobile phones. It usually can run on an android device. Android apps can be written in kotlin, java, c++.

What is Google Play Store?

Google play store is the android app market. It is the official store of Android. All the android apps usually have it in them. People download apps from here. It is developed by Google. It is popular among people for a low cost.

Why Important Play Store Optimization?

Play store optimization is important for ranking apps. Its main goal is to rank the app higher and get the customers to download the app. It is important to increase the number of downloaded apps.

Play Store Ranking Factors:

Play store ranking factor is very important to increase the number of customers. For these below things ranking factors can be easy.

● App title

● Short description

● Long description

● In-app purchase

● Ratings and reviews

● Updates

● Download and engagement

● Some hidden factors

App title makes the app easy to recognize, so a unique title helps in the ranking factor. App description helps to know the details in brief and describe. Rating and review get the attention of the customer. People judge the app through it. So it has huge importance in ranking.

What include Android App Description

Android app description must be included:

● Title

● Short Description of the app

● Long description

● Updates

● What's new

How to Write iOS App Description for Apple App Store?

● What is an iOS App?

● What is the Apple App Store?

● Why Important App Store Optimization?

● App Store Ranking Factors

● What include iOS App Description


What is an iOS App?

iOS app is software that is used in Apple devices.

What is the Apple App Store?

Apple play store is the apple app market. It is the official store of Apple. Apple users download apps from here.

Why Important App Store Optimization?

Like android apps, the apple app rank store is also important for ranking the apps.

App Store Ranking Factors

● App title

● Short description

● Long description

● In-app purchase

● Ratings and reviews

● Updates

● Download and engagement

● Some hidden factors

What include IOS App Description

IOS app description includes

● App name

● App URL

● App subtitle

● Keyword filed

● In-app purchase

● Updates

● What's new


App description defines the app and helps to get the details of the app. It helps people to know about the app more. App explanation is very important for ranking the app. It attracts customers and increases the number of downloads.

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